So you're using Spotify want to share your amazing taste in music with your friends on all of your IM friends?

Unfortunatly Trillian doesn't have native support for this, but this small plug-in will parse out artist and song information from the tooltip of the Spotify icon in the taskbar.

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Huge thanks to Ingmar Runge, the guy behind Trilly Tunes 2, for helping me understand how to change the status.


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  • Managed to update this plug-in to use the built in Spotify Helper API. The new version is still in alpha, but it's at least working again.

  • Well this doesnt work :(

  • any way to show in the chat box? like /music ?

  • Awesome! I was just about to develop one of these myself - but yours is working great for spotify! Have you considered adding this to Github? It would be easier to contribute - I made an update that allows you to specify a message mask so you can customize the message.....

  • I was hoping there might be something for this available, and here it is. Developers rule. They're some of my most favorite people.

  • Howdy, Got this working but it only shows this on trillian. "♫ - " nothing more. Any ideas? Cheers

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    I'm running XP too. How can I tell if it's working?

    When I look at the Trillian, it still says "Share a message...". I right-clicked on the Trillian in the icon tray thing and went to "Set Status" > "More Messages" > "Current Song" and also Trillian status preferences and checked "Set my status to what I'm listening to".

    • Ok, sounds like you're on the right track. You know it's working when that "Share a message..." field is populated with the artist and title of the song your playing in Spotify.

      Have you ticked the check mark next to "spotian.dll" ("Spotian" if it's been loaded once) under Trillian menu > Preferences > Plugin?

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    Works perfect! Thanks!

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    OK - installed - but doesn't work....
    (using XP with a custom spotify install directory)

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    Hi - this looks good
    but how/where do I install it?

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      Hi - Bob again

      I did get this to work - just what I wanted - thx

      I had to manually turn this plugin on and change my Status Preferences (both within Trillian)

      good work - thanks again.

      PS; I would have preferred just the spotian.dll to download: I hate installers - you never know what they are installing.

      • Hi Bob, I'm glad it worked out for you in the end.

        Only one thing is worse than installers and that's installers downloaded from an untrusted, crappy website that apparently jumps around like crazy as you're typing a comment. :$ It must have been quite annoying for you - sorry man.

        I hate installers too. Just thought it would be easier to add the plug-in for the less tech savvy people that doesn't know where to put the dll. But I understand your concerns and will probably provide a dll download as an alternative in the future.

        Thanks for your input! :)

  • Thank you, Christoffer. I have been looking for this :)

  • Pandora too?

    • I'd love to! But Pandora isn't available in my country, so I would need you to pre-alpha test it for me in that case since I would have to code the song-snatching part blindly ;) I'm sorry that I can't promise you anything, but I'll see what I can do when I get home from work. Will keep you updated.

      • I think it would be a bit hard to get the song info since you play it in the browser. It would be a nightmare if I had to support plug-ins for multiple browsers for a system I cannot access and debug. Maybe we could add support for Trillian in one of the open source Pandora Clients

  • AWESOME plug in.  thank you so much

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    Hey, I like this plugin a lot! But is there any way to remove the popup box on song changes? There's no way to do it within Trillian that I could see..

    • Weird that no one has requested that earlier.

      I'll add that into the next release which is coming out in about.. NOW! :D Please download the new version and let me know if it works out for you. You should now be able to disable the popup box from the plugin's settings window.

      Glad you like it :)

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    I am able to activate the plugin, but the configure boxes are all blank.  It pops up two windows in fact, both are empty.  Any ideas?

    • Oh.. right! I tried to implement the configuration window without that much success. Must have forgotten to disable the empty test window before compiling and uploading the file. Sorry about that. The plug-in has no configuration at the moment, so you're at least not missing out on anything.

  • Perfect plugin! Thank you =)

  • Jawesome.  Thanks for this!

  • Just one thing - in my status, I see a little box instead of what I assume is supposed to be a music note. Maybe I'm missing the character set that is used for the note? It's not a big deal, I'm just happy that the song status works now! :)

    • Yeah, you're spot on about the character set, but it doesn't look like I can do anything to fix that.

      I've been searching a bit for some more information about it and found out that what you're experiencing is most likely an issue with Windows XP. It appears that XP haven't implemented the Unicode symbols correctly in it's default font file.

      I have no idea if Microsoft fixed this issue with SP2 alongside with the other Unicode errors or not, but some people are claiming that they can view the music note symbol on their XP system. One option I could think of would be to select a different default font for your entire Windows system, but that might be a bit too much work just to view a music note in Trillian. ...or is it? ;D
      Regardless of what you do, you can rest assured that your non-XP friends will probably view your music note correctly. :)

      • Thanks Christoffer. I actually saw this on a system running Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit). I'm also going to try it out on my work today, which runs Windows 7 Enterprise. In any case, the music note is not a big deal. I am just thrilled to have the song as status feature available with Spotify!

        • Sorry, my bad. It seems like I'm getting the same issue on my small lappy with Windows 7 Starter too. Sweet! Now I'm actually able to experiment and see if I can do anything about it.

          Thanks for mentioning it and I'm glad you can overlook the graphical glitches. I'll keep you updated if I find something. Have a good one :)

  • Seems to work great. Thanks so much!

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    Mine doesn't pull in the name of the song. It just shows a music note